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Your photos are ready! To view your gallery and download the photographs, go to your unique URL and enter your Gallery ID along with the password given to you.

From the gallery you can view and download the photos as many times as you like so feel free to share your gallery with friends and family. They are your photos so print them, frame them, post them on social media – do with them as you please!

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For your convenience, we upload photographs in 3 file types:

  1. Original ultra high resolution files that are ideal for printing (up to 5760 pixels on the long edge, 300 dpi.) See example (file size is 7 MB, it may take a while to download depending on your internet speed. Don’t forget to click to zoom in!
  2. 2048 pixel images (the largest resolution that Facebook allows users to upload.) See example (file size 1 MB)
  3. 960 pixel images, a standard internet resolution and much smaller sized files. See example (file size 305 kB)

Gallery download instructions can be found here.

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